t h e    w a y    t h i n g s    g o 

a film written and directed by Sofia Anastasiou

storyboard - twtg  

Pre-production: 2 years

Production: 6 days

Post production: 2 months

production stills by Melanie

poster design by Johanna


Marina Makri
Andreas Papamichalopoulos
Argyro Nicolaou
Harry Varnavas


Producer & 1st AD /Argyro Nicolaou
Associate Producer / Keti Papadema
Cinematographer / Nicholas Stylianou
1st AC / Kyriacos Mosfiliotis
Gaffer / Aristos Steliou
Sound Design & Mixing / Christos Kyriacoullis
Make-up artist & Stills / Melanie Christou
DIT & Production Manager / Evita Ioannou
PA & Location Manager / Spyros Anastasiou
PA & Prop Master / Eleni Anastassiou

       N a t a l i   [ F a l l  W i n t e r  2 0 1 8 / 2 0 1 9]      

filmed at a photoshoot for a fashion collection by Natali C. 


 t h e   s w i m m e r s 


A visual exploration of the disjointed experiences of people* on the same island.

*inhabitants, tourists, opportunists

  L a s s e n   V O L C A N I C   N a t i o n a l   P a r k  

a hikers diary in 35mm film , audio recordings & film footage from another land