Problem Number 6 [BRUNO PERNADAS]

A project I worked on with my sister [Dinos Aouros] and two amazing dancers. Playing around and exploring visual transitions and video collage with a song my sister loves.



Magda Argyridou 
Melina Sofocleous

Fashion video FW 18/19 [NATALI C.]

Filmed during a photoshoot of designer clothes Natali C. 

Filming: S.A. , Mariana Pavlou
Editing: S.A.


A visual exploration of the disjointed experiences of people* on the island.

*inhabitants, tourists, opportunists

Filming, Editing: S.A.

Lassen Volcanic National Park
A hikers diary in 35mm film , audio recordings & film footage from another land.

Filming, sound recording, editing, 35mm Photography: S.A.